Know the Rules:
Canada Border Services Agency
NEXUS Membership Program Guidelines

August 16, 2016

Recently, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) retired the revised NEXUS Membership Guide (BSF5095) in favour of a NEXUS program page on the CBSA website.

NEXUS card holders should review the rules of the NEXUS program in order to avoid problems at the Canadian border.  The rules are strictly enforced.  If you break any rule, even a small little rule, you will have your NEXUS card confiscated for 7 years and may never be allowed back in the NEXUS program.  As a result, it is important to review this document carefully in order to understand what the CBSA expects of you when you cross the border.

The CBSA enforces the NEXUS rules under a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.  Any infraction, no matter how small, shifts a trusted traveler into the untrustworthy category.

  • If you have commercial goods and you use the NEXUS lane, you are out of the program.
  • If you forget to report any item (even a $1 chocolate bar), you are out of the program.
  • If you get a new passport or driver’s license and do not update your information, you may be out of the program.
  • If you move residences and do not update your address, you may be out of the program.
  • If you fail to answer any question accurately, you are out of the program.

There is no pardon process.  There is no leniency for carelessness or lack of knowledge. Also, remember that your NEXUS pass expires automatically after 5 years.  Check the date of issue on the back of the card and renew your NEXUS card before it expires.  If you use the NEXUS lane with an expired card, you have broken a rule and may not be renewed for another 5 years.  You may be out of the program.

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